Free Kart Racing Game for Your PC- SuperTuxKart

SuperTuxKart, also referred to as STK, is a complimentary and open-source kart racing video gaming featuring the Linux mascot Tux. SuperTuxKart is actually cross-platform, running with Microsoft Windows, OS X, Linux, AmigaOS , AROS, MorphOS and other Unix systems. The latest stable version of the game is type 0. 9. 1 and was released on October 17, 2015. SuperTuxKart capabilities, since its 0. 9 type, an new graphics engine referred to as “Antarctica”.

SuperTuxKart’s gameplay is related to Mario Kart but is now more distinctive with time. The characters are generally open source mascots, together with Mozilla Thunderbird being the race referee. The action is may be played by a single player or maybe in local multiplayer setting. Online and networked multiplayer is scheduled to become added in launch 0. 9. only two. Screenshot for the game that I found from


SuperTuxKart has several race modes:

  • Story Mode/Challenges: Win races or manage a track under a certain time to master; unlocks karts and tracks
  • Single player: Normal Race, Time Trial, Follow the leader, Easter Egg hunt
  • Multiplayer: Normal Race, Time Trial, Follow the leader, Three-Strikes-Battle, Soccer mode


  • Over 20 tracks and arenas
  • Split-screen multiplayer support
  • Many game modes
    • Grand Prix
    • Single Race
    • Time Trial
    • Follow-the-leader
    • 3-Strikes Battles
  • Fun characters
  • Free addons repository
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X

To download the game you can visit the sourceforge link here.